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CultivateHER 2022

A Day Full of Amazing Women 

Why CultivateHER?

CultivateHER is a jam packed, day long professional and personal conference for YOU!

First and foremost we want you to understand YOU are AMAZING. Secondly, we want to connect with these awesome speakers and panelists, and the other women who are attending. It is about building relationships that will continue and grow beyond our day together at CultivateHER. We can’t wait to see you!

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Join Us For Networking & Growth

It is going to be an amazing day full of connections and professional/personal growth! Once you purchase your ticket more information will come via email over the next months. Follow CultivateHerMN on FB, for even more interactive fun.


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Speakers Who Rock

Meet our 2022 CultivateHer Event Speakers

Speaker Betsy Bonnema

Betsy Bonnema

"Lost & Found"
Dr. Emily Flannigan

Dr. Emily Flannigan-Kuipers

"Renewing You 2.0"
Speaker Gina Lieser

Gina Lieser

"Always Leave the Party While you are Still Having Fun" and “Lost & Found’
Heidi Duke-Wuertz

Heidi Duke-Wuertz

"The Journey to Everyday Confidence"
Kim Madsen

Kim Madsen

"See Ya Later STATUS QUO"
Nikki Mertens

Nikki Mertens

"The Layers of Invisible Pain to SLAYING THE DRAGON"
Sara Maher

Sara Maher

"Helping YOU turn the “Pages"
Stacey Roberts

Stacey Roberts

"Always Leave the Party While You Are Still Having Fun"
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It’s almost time!

What Attendees Have To Say

Kim Madsen

Meet The Founder

Hi! I am Kim Madsen. The founder of CultivateHER (only possible with the support of some amazing women and businesses). One thing you should know about me is, I believe that connections transform our lives.  CultivateHER was created on that premise.  Reality is, ALL of us need connections, other women, and opportunities to grow and learn from one another, both personally and professionally.

Yet, here we are surrounded by amazing women every day, and somehow, this just passes us by. It could be that life is “full”, and our responsibility list is beyond measure, and we come last on the list. In fact, I know this is the case most often.

So my hope for you today is that you will take this opportunity to attend this annual event! I don't give guarantees very often, but I guarantee 100% this event will not disappoint.

YOU are unique, YOU are beautiful, and YOU make a difference every day,

Hope to see you at CultivateHER!!


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